5 Most Popular Cars of The 1990’s

It's no secret that the 90's were a great decade.  Many enthusiasts now were born back in those glorious days that saw the rise of Pokemon, POG's, and Bop-It. (dear god I love Bop-It). While a nostalgic era for millennials... Continue Reading →


Maryland Street Racing Vette Vs GTR & Evo Vs Focus RS!!!!!

Check out this video from @mrrockoffjohnson1 featuring a race from the Sh*t's week Evo going up against a new Focus RS, and some other awesome races! Be sure to head over to mrrockoffjohnson1's Youtube Channel to like and subscribe for more... Continue Reading →

Sh*ts Weak Inc. The Killer Evo and Subie Gap Everything

Some Racing down in Mexico by the Killer Evo!

Keyon “Mrrockoffjohnson1” Johnson

We love partnering with local members of the car community, and we're proud to announce a partnership with Keyon "mrrockoff" Johnson

Tuner-Evolution 2017 Dates and Registration now open!

Tuner Evolution, the north east's biggest tuner show is back again for 2017 with show dates and open registration!

5 Popular Tuner Mods to do first

What mods do tuners prefer to do first to their cars? NETC brings you a list of 5 popular first mods for your car!

7 American cars that scream FREEDOM!

With the Election over, we take a look at some influential cars the just scream America!

Magnuson-Moss Act: Protect your warranty while you build

A Law that protect car buyers from having voided warrantys? Sign me up please!

Tuner Tuesdays: The Golf R, a refreshing amount of comfort and power

The Golf R, not as popular as the STI or the Civic, but giving both a run for their money.

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