Hey, all!

So this right here is the kick-off for something we are going to do regularly here at NETC, and that is called “Tuner Tuesdays”.

So what is Tuner Tuesdays?  Well, basically each Tuesday there is going to be a featured article here on the site that is geared towards a specific car or brand.  Each week it will be something different, so every week you can learn a thing or two about a car you have maybe judged wrongly in the past, or a brand you just didn’t know that much about.

We would also like to head any ideas you, the readers, may have that we could use for Tuner Tuesdays.  If there is some kind of model or brand you’d like to see featured here then let us know!

Stay tuned every week for new “Tuner Tuesdays” here at North East Tuning Culture, thanks for reading!