Morning everyone!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to help spread some additional word about the event coming up in a few days.

Tuner-Evolution, who have several large shows throughout the year, partnered with another group called Los Goonies a few years back, and through that, The Panda Junction event was born.


The event usually takes place every year in May, and usually brings in 1500+ cars and over 20 vendors.  For the past two years, however, they have also done the event a second time, which takes place in the beginning weeks of October, usually just after everyone in the area gets back from the always popular H2O International show that is held in Ocean City, Maryland.

The Panda Junction, unlike Tuner-Evolution‘s other shows, is held at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, Maryland.  It is a local stadium used for minor league baseball, and the event itself is held outside in the spacious stadium parking lot.

Ripken Stadium Front Entrance
Panda Junction 2015 VIP Section

The biggest difference is that the event is fully open to the public.  Tuner-Evolution‘s other shows such as the Philadelphia and Charlotte shows are held inside convention centers with a limited amount of space for VIP show entry, and also usually have music, competitions, and vendors.

Panda on the other hand, since it is held outside in a large lot, uses all of that space to allow anyone to essentially enter the event.  There is no competition, no judging, no prizes, just a lot full of pretty awesome builds and stellar people that come out to enjoy the atmosphere and the weather.

Panda does have a VIP Section of the lot, where you can register your car ahead of time to get a larger amount of parking space, and a spot closer to the vendors and the stadium entrance itself.  The VIP spots are reserved for some really sick builds, usually showcasing some of the nicest vehicles that come out to the event.

As mentioned above, the event also attracts several vendors and sponsors that attend the other Tuner-Evolution events, which will be listed here:

Vendors and Sponsors

This year’s fall event again is being held this Sunday, October 9th at Ripken Stadium.  Doors to the public open at 11am and cost $20 per car, not person,so if you’re not registered for VIP parking you can enter then, and park your car on the lot with some buds and wander around checking out the vendors and the show cars.

If you are registered for VIP, then the roll in for that starts at 8:30 and goes until 10:00 so you may need to pick up some coffee on the way up!

Think The Panda Junction is an event you’d like to go to? Then head over to  and register for VIP if you want, otherwise just head on out on Sunday morning, we will be there, and check out the video below of last year’s event covered by StanceNation!