So let’s take a minute and talk about Mustangs.  Yeah, you know them, big 8 Cylinder beasts with an exhaust note that sounds like four roaring lions all surfing on the backsides of great white sharks armed with AR-15’s and wearing Flag-styled capes that just screams “F*ck yeah, America!”

Well, what if I told you that Ford decided to take an itty bitty 4 cylinder and slide that bad boy up inside the new Mustang, popped a turbo on, and called it a day?

You’d probably look at me like I’m crazy.  You’d say “Dakota, a 4 cylinder in a Mustang?  That’s just as bad as someone who picks up an Automatic V6 one!”

Well hold on there, chap.  The new Ecoboost platform has actually made some pretty sweet power gains, and is making decent stride with both the younger and the older crowd.  Don’t believe me?  Well then take a seat and strap in, because this Tuner Tuesday is all about the Ecoboost Platform.


So in 2015 Ford decided to put a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder back in the Mustang, something we have not seen for quite some time.  This time around they slapped a little Honeywell Turbocharger in there, and now we have the Ecoboost Mustang.

The Ecoboost platform has been gaining some serious publicity for the past few years, with several vehicles all falling somewhere along the line.  You might not even realize just how many Ford cars are actually using turbocharged applications right now:

Ford Escape 2.0L Ecoboost                                                        Ford Focus ST 2.0L Ecoboost

Ford Fiesta ST 1.6L Ecoboost                                                     Ford Fusion 1.5L Ecoboost

Ford CMAX 1.6L Ecoboost                                                          Ford Edge 2.0L Ecoboost

Ford Focus RS 2.3L Ecoboost                                                     Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost

Ford Explorer 2.3L Ecoboost

And to be honest I don’t think that’s all of them either.  Ford seems to be falling in line with several other companies who also are offering small 4 cylinder motor cars with turbochargers in their lineup, for both fuel economy and power purposes.

Now, the Ecoboost Mustang is a newcomer, starting in the 2015 Model acting as the middle of the road in terms of trim (That’s right, the V6 is still actually the base and makes less power) and makes 310hp and 320lb/t of torque from the factory.  Not bad numbers by any means, but the awesome thing about a turbocharged motor is just how quickly you can make decent power gains with relatively simple modifications.




Now, being a Cobb Tuning Supporter I am going to be using their parts for a lot of my discussion, but it’s basically just to make the simple point to show what kind of gains you could be looking at should you pick one of these ponies (ha, see what I did there?) up.

Now were going to start with some of the basics here, but you’ll get the idea.  If you know COBB Tuning then you should already be familiar with the all-powerful COBB Accessport, a useful piece of hardware that makes tuning a breeze.  They plug right in to your OBD-II port on your car, and come from the manufacturer with a selection of MAPS for your car in regards to their parts setup.

Now, it is of course recommended that you take the car and get it
professionally tuned after slapping these parts on, as the off the shelf maps are designed to run the car with those modifications but not necessarily optimize performance and reliability as every engine behaves slightly differently.

Now I’m going to go ahead and talk about COBB’s stage 3 performance pack

and the reason why is this:  It’s staqge3pretty much an all-in-one bolt on package for the Ecoboost Mustang.

The Stage 3 Package comes with everything you see in the picture here: 3″ Aluminum mandrel bent air intake and high flow filter, cast aluminum bar and plate inter-cooler with 2.5″ inlet and 3.0″ outlet with 3″ mandrel bend aluminum piping, a full 3″ 304 stainless steel turbo back exhaust with cobb stamped mufflers and 4″ dual walled tips, and finally, the Cobb Accessport V3.

All of this packaged together is going to run you $3225.00 but you can see some of the info on the dyno below which also comes from COBB.


Now above you can see COBB’s dyno numbers for the mustang with each of their performance packages but we’re going to focus on the Stage 3 package.  You can see here that with the performance package, COBB was able to make 336hp and 378lb/ft of 93 Octane fuel.  Now for those of you who are confused by these numbers let me remind you that the factory specification of the vehicle are to the flywheel, not the amount of power that makes it to the ground.  Every vehicle does have some sort of drive-train loss.  Just some simple math tells you that for the Ecoboost mustang that is about 18% for horsepower and 7% for torque.  So if you compare flywheel to flywheel with the factory numbers it’s actually:

Factory: 310hp and 320lb/ft                     vs                      Cobb Stage 3: 396hp and 404lb/ft

So that seems a little better doesn’t it?  I mean in reality you’re going to need to focus on wheel numbers which as you can see based on the dyno it is still an 81 horsepower and 79 pound feet of torque difference.  That’s not bad for about 3 grand of work, and honestly you may see different numbers or even better ones depending on who you go to tune the car.  It’s a start, but you can definitely make some serious power gains in addition to basic bolt ons.


For example, find yourself a nice turbo upgrade and make even more power, or spring all the money and go for a full engine and turbo build.  If you’re local to the North East, and let’s face it, you should be if you’re here, then check out the boys over at Speed Perf6rmanc3.  Local to New Jersey, these guys are well-known for doing builds on Mazdaspeed’s mostly, but have recently started doing work on the Ecoboost platform as well and specialize in engine builds, currently capable of making some serious power for both the Mustang and the Focus.

Purple Drank Tuning

As for Tuning, again being local to the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions helps you again, as the guys over at Purple Drank Tuning, who are also known for the Mazdaspeed platform, can get you some serious gains on some very reliable tunes.  One of our guys here at NETC has worked with them previously and they come highly recommended in this area.

The Ecoboost Mustang is becoming popular rather quickly, as it combines the ever-popular Ford Mustang with a turbocharged motor capable of making decent power, without having to spring for the big Roush powered car most can’t afford.  Not to mention it has an awesome driving feel, and a terrific exhaust note coupled with that beautiful turbo sound.  I’m going to leave you on this last note, but if you’re looking for something that combines classic American Car Culture with modern day tuning, then look no farther than the Ecoboost Mustang.  Feel free to take a look at the video below showcasing some sweet sweet sounds, and I’ll see you next week for another Tuner Tuesday!