Some of you may already be aware of Full-Flex Graphics.  They are a family owned company local to Maryland who specializes in custom stickers, banners, and clothing that is aimed at all sides of the Automotive Scene.  Any enthusiast can find something they like over at Full-Flex, and if you can’t that’s okay because they do custom work too!

Warren and Brittany Gordon, Owners of Full-Flex-Graphics

Warren and Brittany Gordon started Full-Flex because there seems to be a large market of people that wanted to have custom stickers made for their cars, but didn’t know where to start or who to get in touch with to get them made.  With experience in Graphic Design, Brittany knew it would be relatively easy to bring some peoples visions to life, so her and Warren sat down and purchased some vinyl, a printer, and the newest design software.


Website “New Product” Screenshot

Since starting the business, they have gained a fairly loyal following in the local areas surrounding Harford County, Maryland, where the live.  This past year, they launched a website that allowed them to track every item they sold, and also generate new business via the internet.


Website “Shirts and Hoodies” Screenshot

Since then, they have expanded the business as well, by purchasing a Heat Press and updating their software so they could break into the clothing market as well.  Full-Flex now not only offers custom decals and banners to dress your car in, but also custom Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, and even coffee mugs!



They also dabble slightly in vinyl wrapping as well, having done a few small wrap jobs in the past year, the biggest one so far being a motorcycle that was wrapped in a gloss teal.

Sample of Vinyl Colors

Full-Flex-Graphics has a loyal following, and that was made possible by the sheer level of customer service and quality of products that they provide.  If you are one of many people in the car scene that has a vision for some sort of custom sticker or piece of clothing, get in touch with them and they can make your dream a reality!

Head on over to and check out their stock of decals and clothing.  And if you have a custom order you can reach them directly: – general questions – Wrap jobs – custom decals or banners