We at NETC love to support local content writers, and to show some love we have recently partnered with local Vlogger: Keyon Johnson.

Keyon is local to Maryland and creates content for his youtube channel that includes vehicle reviews, coverage of events, drifting, and vlogs from his everyday life in the car scene.  The most exciting part though, is his coverage of racing.  He uploads a few times a week, and I am proud to say I’ve known Keyon as a good friend for a few years.

The story of how we met is actually pretty random: I attended a local meet on a Sunday night for the first time since moving to Maryland, and got to the spot early.  Alongside me were three people, and one of them was Keyon in a brand new blue Scion FR-S.  We got to talking and before you know it we saw each other at meets and events regularly for quite some time.  This was all before his Youtube days but his love for the scene remains unchanged and I still always see Keyon at the events I am able to attend.

So what better way to show some love than to feature some of his content here at NETC?  Stay tuned for Keyon’s uploads as the weeks go on, and be sure to subscribe to his channel after watching!

Keyon’s Youtube Channel

Keyon’s Instagram

Keyon’s Facebook Page