Tuner Tuesdays

Tuner Tuesdays: The Golf R, a refreshing amount of comfort and power

The Golf R, not as popular as the STI or the Civic, but giving both a run for their money.


Tuner Tuesdays: Mazdaspeed3, Zoom Zoom Boom

Now if you're familiar with Mazda's popular front-wheel drive hot hatch, then you probably had a bit of a chuckle at the title. ┬áDon't worry, this article isn't going to cover how exactly you get to that popular term for... Continue Reading →

Tuner Tuesdays: Nissan Z-Car, One Fair Lady

Today on Tuner Tuesdays we take a trip down memory lane and discuss the last 40 years of Nissan's Famous Fairlady Z-car.

Tuner Tuesdays: The Ecoboost Mustang, Small Engine, Big Power

So let's take a minute and talk about Mustangs. Yeah, you know them, big 8 Cylinder beasts with an exhaust note that sounds like four roaring lions all surfing on the backsides of great white sharks armed with AR-15's and wearing Flag-styled capes that just screams "F*ck yeah, America!"

Tuner Tuesdays: Why the Honda Civic is still a popular tuner car

You've seen the ricers, but you've also seen some hardcore turbo and show hondas. Here's why the civic will always be a staple in car culture and why.

Tuner Tuesdays: What are they?

Tuner Tuesdays, a day of the week for a specific car or brand to be featured, so stick around and learn a thing or two you might not have known!

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