5 of the best Drift Cars on a tight budget

Want to get started in drifting but don't know exactly which cars may be right for both you and your wallet? Look no further as NETC puts together a list of 5 drift cars you can buy with a budget!


Tuner Tuesdays: Mazdaspeed3, Zoom Zoom Boom

Now if you're familiar with Mazda's popular front-wheel drive hot hatch, then you probably had a bit of a chuckle at the title. ┬áDon't worry, this article isn't going to cover how exactly you get to that popular term for... Continue Reading →

North East Tuning Culture Shop Now Open!

Shop now open! Come check out some custom tuner stickers and apparel!

Full-Flex-Graphics: Decals and Clothing for Enthusiasts!

Full Flex Graphics! Custom Decals, Banners, Clothing, and Vinyl Wrapping for the local car scene.

Tuner Tuesdays: Nissan Z-Car, One Fair Lady

Today on Tuner Tuesdays we take a trip down memory lane and discuss the last 40 years of Nissan's Famous Fairlady Z-car.

Feature Friday: Matt Hermsen’s Evo X

Feature Friday! Matt Hermsen's 2012 "Wicked White" Lancer Evolution X Check back every Friday for a new car feature from local enthusiasts like you!

The return of the Rotary!

The Wankel Rotary is back! Well, almost anyway. Mazda has debuted their new concept for the RX-9 vehicle which is green-lit for production and will go on sale in 2020.

The rise and fall of the Wankel motor

Ah, the Wankel Rotary...for die hard Mazda fans, as well as tuners alike, the cars powered by this motor bring joy to many, but due to maintenance and fuel economy, it fell. Today we document the rise and fall of the iconic Wankel motor.

Tuner Tuesdays: The Ecoboost Mustang, Small Engine, Big Power

So let's take a minute and talk about Mustangs. Yeah, you know them, big 8 Cylinder beasts with an exhaust note that sounds like four roaring lions all surfing on the backsides of great white sharks armed with AR-15's and wearing Flag-styled capes that just screams "F*ck yeah, America!"

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